Welcome to CoinShopp disruptive platform of E-commerce and crypto token (CSHOP).

CoinShopp was developed to unite two digital segments in only one player that is the crypto assets and an ecommerce platform. The main purpose of CoinShopp is to bring a business option to the digital market that embraces the digital and physical products sale and services with payment in proprietary CoinShopp cryptotoken (CSHOP) and operations in DeFi, establishing a friendly ecosystem, further contributing to the growth of digital businesses.

The disruption that technology has provided to the business world in recent years is undoubtedly a divider in the paradigms of how to design, execute and prosper through new business models. Since the 60’s, Gordon Earle Moore, Intel´s president at that time, pointed out the technology implemented in computers would have a 100% upgrade in its performance every 18 months and this would mean many benefits to those who were going to use the new technologies developed (it was through this thought the famous Moore’s Law emerged). He said it would directly impact the lifestyle of people and the business world in the most diverse fields and activities. Conclusion: technological advances do not stop and directly or indirectly, we are inserted in this context. In the 21st century, we witness the greatest advance in technology in human history. With the advent of bitcoin along with blockchain and the rise of other cryptocurrencies, the way we deal with money, business and the econom has changed radically, making us rethink about privacy, opportunities, work and earnings.

Inserted in this new scenario, following the evolution of technology, CoinShopp (CSHOP) was developed: a proprietary crypto-token created to market digital products, physical products and services in the CoinShopp ecommerce platform (, as well as to decentralized operations through the DeFi process “Decentralized Finance”.

CoinShopp: convergence between disruptive technology and online shopping

E-Commerce and Infoproducts.

Internet is undoubtedly the watershed in interactions among individuals, communities and nations. Business models and rules are created and established using its infrastructure, and growth takes place as connections in the large network expand in scale. Nowadays E-Commerce and Marketplace move billions of dollars with products, infoproducts and services. During the pandemic period, this business model exceeded the margin of 20 billion reais (Brazil data only) in business generated on the internet. In addition, not only the big players profited. The medium and small businesses were the ones that most moved this niche.