All transactions in the platform are audited!

Time is an asset.

The use of available time we have in our day-to-day is a precious and scarce asset nowadays. In the crypto world, we know that timing in most transactions usually requires considerable space. For example: buying an active crypto, transferring it to a broker and then executing a sell order, requesting the transfer of money to a bank account and after this path is done, using the money to buy something. A long task that demands time and a certain expertise in cryptocurrencies.

In CoinShopp’s Platform this path is mitigated, as the CoinShopp crypto-token (CSHOP) is used as payment method, considerably facilitating the entire process of browsing the user in the platform.

Payment with CoinShopp token (CSHOP) - fast and safe!

Low Rates - savings.

Rates for transactions involving cryptocurrencies such as cross-wallet transactions, exchanges between cryptocurrencies or conversion of cryptocurrencies to fiat money are in most cases high. In internet purchases and sales operations using cryptocurrencies we find a barrier that is the lack of options in platforms, which accept them as payment method. With the ecosystem developed through CoinShopp this problem was solved. Here you use the CoinShopp token (CSHOP) to shop directly without worrying about converting to fiat currency. As the token bas been developed in the BEP20 standard and all operations are done through the Blockchain in Smart Chain, rates end up being lower compared to other systems.

Smart Chain - lower rates and greater savings!

Varieties of products and infoproducts.

CoinShopp’s E-commerce and Marketplace platform will feature a wide variety of products, infoproducts and services where suppliers, vendors and consumers converge in a disruptive community and interact by trading with each other using the CSHOP token.

Future discounts.

In the negotiation phase with suppliers and partners, CoinShopp’s commercial management group will soon launch a discount package that may reach much higher margins than those practiced in most conventional platforms in the market. Every execution of the discount process will be disclosed through CoinShopp’s communication channels. Pay attention to social networks, the website and official groups on CoinShopp’s Telegram and WhatsApp.

Loyalty program.

At CoinShopp, who refers new customers will receive rewards through our Loyalty Program. A package of exclusive benefits will soon be made available to everyone who trades in the platform and uses the CSHOP token. All benefits of the Loyalty Program will be disclosed through its communication channels. Pay attention to social networks, the website and official groups on CoinShopp’s Telegram and WhatsApp.