Info about tokens.


  • Developed in the BEP20 standard;
  • Blockchain - Smart Chain;
  • Total of tokens: 100.000.000;
  • Name of Token: CoinShopp;
  • Abbreviation: CSHOP.

DeFi Process.

Sale of tokens.

  • Decentralized platform - Pancake Finance


  • 5% Administrative portfolio;
  • 2% Developers portfolio;
  • 1% Benefits dsitribution;
  • 2% Liquidity pool.

Purposes and use of applied rates

  • Administrative wallet: The percentage applied to this wallet will be designated to project maintenance, marketing costs, development and platform maintenance, partnerships in the project expansion process and in the user benefit programs.
  • Developer wallet: The percentage applied to this wallet will be used to payment of fees for services provided by the project developers, for their ongoing support and development of new disruptive solutions that will benefit token holders and users of the platform.
  • Benefits distribution portfolio: Through a mechanism implemented in the Smart Contract, the purchase, sale and transfer of CSHOP tokens transfers 1% (one percent) of the value of the operation to distribute benefits through referral programs in the purchase of CSHOP tokens and loyalty in the CoinShopp Store.
  • Liquidity pool: The operations composed in the CoinShopp ecosystem part will revert to the Liquidity Pool of the CSHOP token, being 2% (one per cent) applied in BUSD (Binance BUSD) in this function. This will add value to asset, making it more attractive and generating high demand.

Contract Resignation.

The contract resignation will not be exercised, as the understanding of the CSHOP token developers group is about the need for continuous smart contract management. This is essential to keep the programming free of any risk, following the standard of the original scope and ensuring eventual adjustments, if necessary. Another detail: no payment, transfer or airdrop will be made with CSHOP. The token is for exclusive use and purpose for transactions of purchase and sale of products and services in CoinShopp platform, such as decentralized trading through the Pancake Swap platform.

Blocked liquidity.

Liquidity will be applied to all supply of tokens with an initial amount of $12,000,00 in BNB (Binance Coin), effecting the BNB/CSHOP liquidity pair. This liquidity will be blocked on a phased basis, with the initial block after the launch of CSHOP token with a period of 30 (thirty) days. As the project is promoted and the trading volume expands, there will be an extension of the blocking of liquidity for up to 12 (twelve) months